Scéal Caibidil 1

Chapter 1 story


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Caibidil 2 Chapter 2

At the end of each chapter we will include a short passage from a story that will use the words and phrases from that chapter.

This will help you see and use the newly learned terminology in a relevant context.

By the end of the 10 chapters you will have learnt enough new words and phrases to complete the whole story. We have included the entire, completed story as an extra, bonus chapter at the end. Bain sult!

D’oscail mamaí an doras agus dúirt sí,“Maidin mhaith, a stór. Tá sé in am éirí.”

“Cad é a ba mhaith leat do do bhricfeasta?”

“Ba mhaith liom gránach, le do thoil, a mhamaí.”

Chuir mé orm mo chuid éadaí.

D’ith mé mo bhricfeasta agus scuab mé mo chuid fiacla.

Nuair a bhí mé réidh, chuaigh mé amach chuig an charr le dul ar scoil.

Mammy opened the door and she said, “Good morning, pet. It’s time to get up.”

“What would you like for your breakfast?”

“I would like cereal, please, mammy.”

I put on my clothes.

I ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth.

When I was ready, I went out to the car to go to school

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Caibidil 2 Chapter 2